Kubota Equipment For Your Agricultural, Farm, Lawn And Construction Needs

Whether you own a farm, manage a construction site, own a landscaping business or enjoy taking care of your home's yard yourself, chances are Moen Machinery has a piece of equipment to help you get your everyday jobs done right.

We carry a wide range of Kubota equipment, a well-known name in the construction and agricultural sectors. Kubota is renowned for its reliability, quality and longevity. You can find exactly what you're looking for from our new and pre-owned inventory at Moen Machinery.

kubota equipment

Agricultural Kubota Equipment

Shop for agricultural balers, grapples and hay rakes from Moen Machinery. Many of these implements are designed to fit on your existing Kubota tractor and can help you make quick work of tough jobs.

If you're mowing acres and acres of land at home or as part of your farm business, Kubota has a variety of mowing attachments. Some are designed to be gentler on crops, while others are for cutting and bagging long grass.

Agricultural spreaders, designed to fit on the back of your tractor, make it easy to sow fertilizer or seed without leaving the cab. They broadcast material in a wide range of widths, generally from 3 to 49 feet.

Kubota Tractors

Kubota manufactures many agricultural tractors, and at Moen Machinery you can buy the one that's sized correctly for your needs. If you're doing some mowing, moving of light material and maybe some snowblowing, the compact BX series may be a good choice. If you own a bit more land that requires more property maintenance, the B series tractor is a popular choice. Larger farm-sized tractors include Kubota's L and M series. 

All Kubota tractors, no matter what series you choose, can be modified with a variety of attachments to help make hard jobs easier. Options include snowblowers, grapples, mowers (either mid-mounted or rear-mounted, depending on the model), backhoes and forklifts among other choices. 

Commercial And Residential Mowers

To keep your landscaping business up and running, it's important to have equipment that you can rely on job after job, day after day. Kubota has many versatile options for commercial lawn mowers that you can find right here at Moen Machinery. Choose from riding models or walk-behind versions that make quick work of customers' grassy hills and flats.

Kubota also carries a line of residential riding lawn mowers, designed for home use and to keep your yard looking pristine.

Loaders And Excavators

A big portion of our Kubota equipment inventory at Moen Machinery is Kubota's line of loaders and excavators. These rugged machines can tackle tough jobs on construction sites, whether it involves moving heavy material, digging trenches or basements or leveling a house site. When you browse our collection of Kubota loaders and excavators, you can find a wide variety of tracked and wheeled options to suit your commercial and residential needs.

Utility Vehicles

If you own a lot of land, it can be hard to get around it quickly, especially if you're traveling from pasture to pasture or from your hunting cabin to a tree stand. This is where Kubota's line of utility vehicles really comes in handy for efficient travel on your property. Many are capable of towing up to 2000 pounds and can carry material or other essentials in the dump bed. Choose from gas or diesel engines and hydrostatic or CVT Plus transmissions, depending on the model.

Contact Moen Machinery For Kubota Equipment Sales

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