Kubota Construction Equipment

Whether you're breaking ground on a new project and need more equipment for your fleet or looking to upgrade to newer construction vehicles, you can find everything you need at Moen Machinery in Gresham, OR.

Construction Equipment Manufactured By Kubota

Kubota is a well-known, trusted name in the construction industry. First established in 1890, Kubota produces reliable machines that are built to last for long-term use. You can find a wide selection of heavy construction equipment vehicles at Moen Machinery.

Kubota Construction Excavators

Moen Machinery carries two Kubota series for construction excavators, the KX series and U series. Both groups offer their own benefits for specific applications. Here are some of the differences to help you decide.

kubota construction equipment

Kubota KX Series Excavators

KX series excavators range in size from 1 to 8 tons. Models are generally equipped with conventional tail swing buckets and angle blades for grading. In general, larger machines can dig deeper and wider than more compact models. Compact models are excellent choices for most residential applications, and larger machines are well-suited for commercial projects. All Kubota excavators include 2-speed travel and spacious operator stations for efficient machine maneuverability and backfill operations. You can always consult with one of our qualified salespeople at Moen Machinery to figure out which excavator works best for your needs.

Kubota U Series Excavators

U series excavators from Kubota generally range in size from 1.5 to 5 tons. The larger the excavator, the deeper it can dig. One unique feature of the U series is the arm's tight tail swing. This allows workers to complete jobs in tighter spaces such as residential neighborhoods or in close proximity to existing buildings. 

For more stationary jobs, the Kubota U17 Zero Tail Swing compact excavator is a good choice — it tackles digging chores in tighter areas, such as in between trees or near a retaining wall.

Kubota Construction Loaders

When you need to lift heavy materials, such as rock, backfill or gravel, Moen Machinery line of Kubota construction loaders is up for the job. Choose between R-series or TLB series loaders. Closed or open cab styles are available in many configurations. To help you decide, here are some primary differences:

  • R-Series:  The compact R-series is Kubota's flagship collection of wheeled loaders. They're highly versatile and suitable for farming or construction applications. 
  • TLB Series: This loader series closely resembles Kubota's famous line of tractors. They merge power, compact utility size and versatility for tasks such as digging trenches, landscaping or handling material. TLB series models come with both a loader and backhoe.

Commercial-Grade Kubota Construction Equipment

At Moen Machinery, our construction equipment offerings go beyond excavators and loaders. You can also find commercial grapples, graders, drills/augers, power brooms and rakes, and tillers. Whatever kind of job you have, chances are Moen Machinery has a piece of Kubota construction equipment to help get the job done right.

Contact Moen Machinery

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