Kubota Construction Excavators

At Moen Machinery, we have many new Kubota excavators available for sale to support your growing construction business or assist you in completing at-home projects. 

Kubota's collection of excavators is extremely reliable and provides plenty of consistent power to tackle tough jobs that require lots of digging and moving material.

Features Of Kubota Construction Excavators

All of the excavators in Kubota's lineup feature 2-speed travel on rubber tracks for efficient maneuverability, especially on rough terrain, and a clean-running engine that meets Tier IV emissions requirements. The engine's design maximizes digging and lifting performance while minimizing noise and vibrations.

Enjoy the comforts of a covered cab when you choose a Kubota excavator. A closed operator station keeps you out of the elements and comfortable. Some excavator models have an open cab with a covered canopy that lets you enjoy the fresh air while staying protected from the sun and rain overhead. Inside, there's a fully flat floor for more legroom, simple settings and intuitive controls.

kubota excavators

At Moen Machinery, we offer Kubota's KX and U series excavators, and both are suitable for a wide range of construction and landscaping applications.

Kubota KX Series Excavators

The KX series excavators from Kubota range in size from 1 to 8 tons and are equipped with conventional tail swings. Some models are more compact than others, making them ideal for residential areas or working in tighter spaces. Many KX series models have an angle blade that's great for backfilling and pushing material to the side.

KX series excavators vary in their digging depth abilities, but in general, the larger the machine, the deeper it can dig. However, even a compact model such as the KX040-4 with a 6-in-1 blade can dig to depths up to 11 feet, making it suitable for a basement if needed. 

Kubota U Series Excavators

A unique feature of the U series excavator is its tight tail swing. This makes the U series a great choice for urban and residential areas where space may be limited. Because its counterweight radius is minimized, it has reduced chances of accidentally damaging buildings or property when working in tight quarters. Angle blades, equipped on most U series models as with the KX series, are good for pushing material to the side or leveling areas. The angle mechanism lets the operator angle the blade 25 degrees to the left or right for versatility.

Changeable Control Patterns On Kubota Excavators

Kubota excavators in both series offer a unique two-pattern selection system, or TPSS, that conveniently allows the operator to switch between ISO and SAE operating patterns with an easy flip of a switch and no tools required. 

Rubber/Steel Tracks

All KX and U series mini excavators come with durable tracks, made of rubber and steel, that make it easy to maneuver your machine over muddy, rocky or other types of difficult terrain. Tracks help you get the stability and traction you need when you're digging trenches or basements or lifting and moving logs and stumps.

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