Kubota Construction Loaders

Why Choose A Loader?

The benefits of Kubota construction equipment, including loaders and excavators, all come down to one simple thing: They let you do more work in less time.

If you're starting a new construction business or looking for a new utility loader to help your crew get jobs completed, look no further than Moen Machinery in Gresham, OR. We offer a full lineup of Kubota construction loaders designed to do the heavy lifting.

At Moen Machinery, you can find a complete line of Kubota loaders, including the R and TLB series machines. Each model line has its own distinct features, and some lines are more suitable for certain applications over other uses.

kubota construction loaders

R Series Loaders

Kubota's R series loaders are great for farming or construction as they're suitable for lifting material and moving it wherever it's needed. Their relatively compact size allows for easy maneuvering around the farm or job site, and they have many features that deliver excellent productivity. Choose from the compact R430 or larger R530 and R630 models. 

TLB Series

This versatile series of loaders merges power, a compact utility size and versatility. The options in the TLB series most closely resemble Kubota's tractors as each machine has a loader on the front and a rear-mounted backhoe. Choose from the smaller B26 for excellent versatility in smaller spaces, the mid-size L47 or Kubota's largest TLB, the M62. We also carry pre-owned models of these TLB series machines, so check with our sales staff for availability. In general, the larger the model, the more it can lift and the deeper it can dig. All models come with an open cab with a canopy cover, so you can enjoy the outdoors and move easily from loader operation to using the backhoe while staying protected from the rain and sun.

Construction Loaders

Kubota's lineup of construction loaders is useful for many applications, including on farms, construction sites or home building projects. They are generally easy to operate and available in tracked or wheeled versions depending on your needs.

Contact Moen Machinery

For assistance with purchasing a new construction loader manufactured by Kubota, visit Moen Machinery in Gresham, OR — we're located at 268 NE Hogan Drive. We've been in business since 1947 helping local residents with their lawn and farm equipment and construction needs. Our expert sales staff can help you decide which type of construction loader is best for your business or project. Give us a call at 503-666-9159 to find out how we can help.