Residential Lawn Equipment at Moen Machinery in Gresham, OR

Residential Lawn Equipment Dealer Serving the Portland, OR Area

Honda Mowers

Finding the best residential lawn equipment to care for your garden, lawn or farm is not a simple task.

At Moen Machinery, we want to make things easy for you. At our Gresham, OR, location, we offer the highest quality outdoor power equipment for any kind of lawn care. Serving the greater Portland and Gresham areas, our team is here to help you find the right tools you need to get the job done. From zero-turn mowers to garden tillers and hedge trimmers, our vast supply of lawn equipment will help you keep your curb appeal looking top-notch all season long.

Residential Lawn Mowers

In Oregon, our consistent rain and ideal growing season make summer lawn care quite the chore. If your lush, green lawn is getting out of control, consider one of our top brands of lawn mowers to get the job done quickly and efficiently. These high-quality mowers can handle a high volume of grass without compromising performance. Depending on the size of your lawn and personal preference, we will help you choose a lawn mower that best suits your needs.

Our inventory of residential lawn mowers includes:

  • Honda
  • Kubota
  • Walker Mowers
  • Land Pride
  • Scag Power Equipment
  • and more

Check out our latest inventory to see our full stock of outdoor power equipment.

Lawn Trimmers and Edgers

Not only can your grass be hard to keep up with throughout the summer, but also that beautiful landscaping and privacy hedge along your property line. With the right outdoor power tools, such as lawn trimmers or edgers, you’ll be able to keep your property beautifully groomed all season long. Our high-quality landscaping equipment is not just for commercial customers. If you have a large lawn and intricate landscaping, then you’ll find that an off-brand model just won’t get the job done. Consider one of our top-quality brand name trimmers and edgers at Moen Machinery.

Our inventory of residential lawn trimmers and edgers includes:

  • Bear Cat
  • Honda
  • and more

Other Residential Lawn Equipment

Besides our top-quality lines of lawn mowers and trimming tools, we also carry a wide variety of equipment for tending to your lawn and garden. From pruners to bush cutters to wheeled vacuums for cleaning up, Moen Machinery has everything you need to keep your Oregon lawn looking great. Make your summer chores a breeze with high-quality outdoor equipment from one of the top brands in the industry.

Contact us today to learn more about our brands, and stop by to see our great selection of inventory.