STIHL Chainsaws at Moen Machinery Company

Stihl Chainsaw Display

Looking to purchase a chainsaw in the near future? Moen Machinery Company offers chainsaws to meet nearly any task head-on with optimal performance. Our selection of STIHL chainsaws covers a diverse selection of feature sets, design specs, and fuel sources:

  • Electric. Smaller wired chainsaws ideal for precision work in your workshop or yard.
  • Lithium-Ion. Lightweight, versatile and precise—the perfect chainsaws for shorter tasks.
  • Farm & Ranch. Sturdy, versatile and powerful, these chainsaws are
  • Homeowner. Our selection of homeowner chainsaws is diverse enough to tackle any needs you might have.
  • In-Tree. Designed to be safely manageable and effective even with limited mobility.
  • Professional. We offer a full line of powerful, feature-rich professional grade chainsaws.
  • Professional Fire & Rescue. Built to the exacting specifications of emergency personnel, with features and options uniquely suited to rescue work.


STIHL chainsaws stand above the competition due to a combination of stringent manufacturing standards and careful engineering and design. As the #1 seller of chainsaws around the world, STIHL's offerings excel equally as tools for personal use and professional use. Tests by Consumer Reports and other agencies have confirmed what Moen already knew—STIHL products stand out from the competition in the lab and in the field.

Choosing your chainsaw

It can be difficult to decide which chainsaw best suits your needs. To figure out which of Moen’s many offerings make sense for you, consider:

  • Mobility: Are you cutting in a workshop? Your yard? Up a tree, or on the ground?
  • Material: What are you planning to cut?
  • Length: Longer bars can tackle bigger jobs in fewer passes, but can cost more and take more skill to manage.
  • Fuel: Battery, cord, or gas?
  • Added features: Do you want comfort features, safety features, maintenance features?

Know the answers to these questions and our team will be able to help you quickly and painlessly find a few ideal chainsaws to consider.

Additional features

Beyond the basic quality of STIHL products, many of the chainsaws we offer include special additional features:

  • Intellicarb Compensating Carburetor: Maintains rpm levels despite filter clogging
  • Easy2Start System: Make it easier to start the engine
  • Quickstop Plus: Improved emergency chain braking system
  • M-Tronic: Electronic optimization of fuel mixture for consistent performance
  • ElastoStart Handle: Shock absorber for smooth starting
  • Quick Chain Adjuster: Toolless chain adjustment
  • Captured Guide Bar Nuts: Secured guide bar and sprocket cover

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