Tractors in Gresham, OR

If you own land in the Pacific Northwest, you know that the local rain and soil can make a forest spring up overnight. When the brush gets too heavy to deal with, or when you want to clear some land for residential, commercial or resale reasons, we have the tractors and other equipment you need to get the job done fast. To find out more about the equipment we sell, give Moen Machinery a call and speak with an equipment pro.

New And Pre-Owned Tractors

When you have brush to clear or when you want to prepare a patch of land for planting or harvesting, Moen Machinery has the new and used tractors to make it happen. We can outfit you with the right tractor attachments and implements to make quick work of any job. Whether you need a bucket loader, grapple or mid-mount mower, you’ll find that our machinery is rated for heavy-duty brush clearance and all manner of green jobs, from mowing acres of grass to clearing miles of intrusive forest. Items in our extensive inventory of pre-owned tractors and lawn care equipment have been inspected by experts to make sure they’re up to the job of safely maintaining your land. New items are even better, and many come with a manufacturer's warranty to give you peace of mind on those heavy cutting jobs.


Other Equipment We Sell

Moen Machinery doesn’t stop at lawn care equipment or tractors. We also stock the gear you need for tree removal services, construction jobs, farming and commercial applications, such as outfitting your own landscaping company. Whatever use you have in mind for Moen Machinery’s gear, we have everything you could need to get the ball rolling. The inventory we stock has a few old stand-bys, but we’re constantly cycling through specific models and brands to keep the latest and most effective tools, tractors and lawn care equipment in the inventory for you.

Lawn Care Equipment In Oregon

If you have property in or near Oregon, and you need some serious lawn care equipment to get it under control, Moen Machinery has the tools you need to get it done right the first time. To find out more about the customers we serve or the tools we bring to the job, you can call us up at (503) 666-9159 to talk to a knowledgeable service rep who can help you get the equipment your property needs. If you already have an idea about what you need, or to streamline the process, you can also order lawn care equipment directly from us after browsing our online new and used inventory.