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Tree Removal Equipment for Sale Near Gresham and Portland, OR

No matter its size or thickness, removing a tree requires serious equipment. Here at Moen Machinery, we have everything you will need to safely and expeditiously take down a tree. Our impressive inventory includes chainsaws for sale in Gresham, OR from brands like Bear Cat and STIHL.

Chain Saw (STIHL)

The safest and easiest way to take down a tree is to use a chainsaw. The size and power of saw you need depends on the size of the tree you must remove.

Wood Chipper (Bear Cat)

A powerful wood chipper can devour small to medium-size trees in a matter of minutes. Larger trunks and stumps may need to be split before they will fit inside a chipper.

Log Splitter (Bear Cat)

Just as its name implies, a log splitter helps you cut the larger parts of a tree into manageable pieces that can then be placed into a wood chipper or used for firewood.

Stump Grinder (Bear Cat)

Removing a stump from the ground by pulling it with chains is incredibly dangerous. The stump grinder uses a rotating cutting disk to remove any size stump from the ground safely. Because it chips away at the wood instead of ripping it up, a stump grinder will not leave a large, unsightly hole on your property.

Towable Truck Loader (Bear Cat)

An invaluable piece of tree removal equipment, the towable truck loader makes leaf and debris removal an easy, one-man job.

Wheeled Trimmer (Bear Cat)

Although it cannot be used to remove trees, a wheeled trimmer can easily cut down saplings and other unwanted growth.

Chipper/Shredders (Bear Cat)

Another item that is used primarily for cleanup, a chipper/shredder can quickly make pencil shavings out of small branches, sticks, and other remnants of tree removal. It is not, however, nearly big or powerful enough to break down logs.

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Understanding now what you need to remove a tree, we invite you to browse our inventory. We offer an excellent selection of STIHL chainsaws for sale in Gresham, OR. Moen Machinery is also a leading dealer of tree removal equipment from Bear Cat. For customers who own equipment from either brand, we are happy to offer service and repairs. No matter the problem, our expert technicians work to solve it. We are proud to serve customers in the Portland, Gresham, and Vancouver areas, as well as SW Washington.