Tree Removal Equipment

No matter its size or thickness, removing a tree requires serious equipment. Moen Machinery has everything you need to safely and expeditiously take down a tree. Our impressive inventory includes chainsaws, chippers, splitters and other necessary tree removal equipment from dependable brands.

STIHL Chainsaws

Using a chainsaw is the safest and easiest way to take down a tree. The size and power requirements of the saw you need depend on the size of the tree you’re removing. Our inventory of STIHL chainsaws covers a diverse selection of features, design specs and fuel sources with models suitable for residential use and more powerful commercial chainsaws available.

Stihl Chainsaw Cutting Through Log

Wood Chipper (Bear Cat)

A powerful wood chipper can devour trees that are small to medium in size in a matter of minutes. Larger trunks and stumps may require splitting before they’ll fit inside a chipper.

Log Splitter (Oregon Log Splitters)

A high-performance log splitter lets you quickly cut larger parts of a tree into manageable pieces that can then be placed into a wood chipper or used for firewood.

Towable Truck Loader (Scag-Giant Vac)

To remove the debris after taking down a tree, a towable truck loader is an invaluable piece of tree removal equipment that makes it an easy, one-man job.

Wheeled Trimmer (Bear Cat)

Although you can’t use a wheeled trimmer to remove trees, it can easily cut down saplings and other unwanted growth.

Chipper/Shredders (Bear Cat)

A chipper/shredder isn’t nearly big or powerful enough to break down logs. Instead, it’s primarily used for cleanup and quickly makes pencil shavings out of smaller branches, sticks and other remnants of tree removal.

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With a better understanding of the tree removal equipment you need, visit our store in Gresham, Oregon, to browse our extensive selection of STIHL chainsaws. We’re also a leading dealer of Bear Cat tree removal equipment. We proudly serve customers in the Portland, Gresham and Vancouver areas and throughout southwest Washington. Contact us at 503-666-9159 with your tree removal equipment questions.